The sustainability conference
that plays outside

The SUP industry relies upon nature for our playground, but we’re definitely not fulfilling our potential to become leaders in sustainability…

It has never made sense to us to gather a bunch of ocean loving people and make them sit in a hotel conference room, drink coffee and listen to endless speakers.

So we do it differently.

No presentations, no slide shows, no hand outs. Instead : SUP, swim, hike & explore all the rad stuff nature has to offer. Hang out with a bunch of like-minded folk, industry leaders & sustainability experts. Play, learn & share.

Here’s what’s important to us :

Running epic events & building an awesome community that enables collaboration & creates impact

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a sneak peek into a
protect blue event

Green Talks

Connect to nature & explore how we can protect it. Each of our Green Talks is hosted by one of our partners. Think early morning hikes, SUP adventures, beach cleans & slow food dinners.

Learn from each other

The concept of Protect Blue is built around collaboration. Learning from each other. Leaning into our collective experience & strengths.

Walk the talk

We’re working alongside Sustainable Surf to ensure we’re running truly sustainable event. We’re Deep Blue Event certified :That means eco contracts for all partners, local, seasonal food, carbon offsets, water stations, zero plastic, green travel initiatives, community engagement & environmental education.

Micro Adventures

As part of our Protect Blue ethos, you’ll be given a guide to three awesome micro-adventures you can go on whilst you’re hanging out in Noli.

Beers for Good

We know that so often, at these kinds of events, it’s the conversations you have in between talks or over dinner where the magic happens. So at sunset every day, we’ll meet for drinks at the beach. A place to regroup & connect. Hosted by SUP Racer, Beers for good.

Co-create long lasting impact

One of our core objectives for Protect Blue is to create an industry working group so we keep the conversation moving after the event. We’ll map out our next steps together.

Collaboration is key

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